What Material Do You Want To See When You Look At Your Cabinets?

We offer the domestic species (i.e. common North American species). These would be oak, alder, ash, pine, fir, maple, eastern walnut, hickory… and the list goes on! Or maybe you prefer exotic! From Anigre to Zebrawood, we can get it. Or, if you dare to try the local species, we can give you something truly spectacular! The North Valley of California is a treasure trove of Claro, Bastogne, English, Madrone, Redwood, Pistache, Sycamore, and more!


Good hardware makes your life easier, without making you aware that it’s even there!
Bad hardware leads to baldness and an excess of expletives.
Good hardware costs more, but it lasts for a long time (we’re still waiting to see how long, and we’ve been around a while).
Hardware is what makes your drawers slide in and out at the touch of a finger. It is what makes your doors open and close smoothly and noiselessly.
We warn you though: once you have experienced good hardware, you will never be satisfied with ordinary!


One can save a lot of money in the building of cabinet cases!
Tops may be swapped for skinny “spreaders.”
Backs may be omitted on lowers – the excuse is that “it’s not seen.” But too often, it is!
In many cases, the drawers are the strongest part of the cabinet! If the drawers were loaded to their capacity, the cabinet would not be able to hold them!
In light of such atrocities, we strive to create cabinets that are durable, beautiful inside and out, and fully functional.

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