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Westgate Urban Woods was founded on a passion for Claro Walnut. The species grows exceptionally well in the Sacramento Valley of northern California. During the last century, these trees were planted along primary roads and property lines in Chico, California. In addition to the walnut, Westgate Urban Woods has branched out to acquire other local species. Several varieties of oak, pistache, silver maple, redwood, madrone, olive, bay laurel, black locust, cedar, liquid amber, and others have passed through the company's hands. 

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West Coast Urban Woods

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English Walnut Lumber

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English walnut has become a part of our woods family that we have here at Westgate Hardwoods. Each English walnut tree grows to be about 7' tall to the crotch in Northern California. Although it is a smaller tree is has many attractive characteristics which include Claro Walnut graft lines, rustic knots, and beautiful figure and tones.  By giving the English walnut a new life, Westgate Hardwoods has contributed to eliminating the carbon footprint in our area by minimizing the burning of old harvested orchards. 

English Walnut Lumber

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